State Report Cards


Key Findings

  • Ohio is one of ten states that scored a failing or below average grade in every staffing measure.
  • Ohio has the third worst percentage of facilities that failed to achieve above average direct care staffing.
  • A little more than 20% of Ohio nursing homes had a deficiency free inspection—one of the nation’s highest rates.
  • Compared to most states, Ohio nursing homes had relatively few severe deficiencies at one severe deficiency per ten facilities.
  • Ohio’s ho-hum national ranking extends to its regional rank as well, placing third in the nation’s second worst region.
CriteriaRaw DataGradeRank
% Facilities With Deficiencies78.64%A8
% Facilities With Severe Deficiencies10.79%B11
Direct Care Staffing Above Average32.58%F48
Direct Care Staffing Hours2.33D37
Health Inspections Above Average34.75%C21
RN Hours0.72D39
RN Staffing Above Average24.01%F46
Verified Ombudsman Complaints75.94%C23
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