State Report Cards


Key Findings

  • Illinois nursing homes hired the fewest frontline caregivers in the nation as facilities provided little more than two hours of direct resident care per day.
  • One in four nursing Illinois nursing homes cited a severe deficiency.
  • Illinois attempted to offset abysmal frontline staffing with mediocre professional nursing staff, which manifested a poor regulatory track record.
  • Illinois’ failing nursing home care ranks fourth out the six Great Lakes Region states.

News Release


CriteriaRaw DataGradeRank
% Facilities With Deficiencies96.38%F44
% Facilities With Severe Deficiencies26.74%F41
Direct Care Staffing Above Average49.31%D36
Direct Care Staffing Hours2.14F51
Health Inspections Above Average34.51%C25
RN Hours0.81C26
RN Staffing Above Average55.42%C29
Verified Ombudsman Complaints73.21%B18
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